Let's Protect Clean Indoor Air

Oregon’s Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA) creates clean air by not allowing smoking or vaping of tobacco, nicotine or marijuana inside public places or work places. Smoking or vaping is also not allowed within 10 feet of building entrances, building exits, windows that open, air intake vents, or accessibility ramps. Indoor clean air laws are effective at reducing the number of youth who start using tobacco, helping people quit tobacco, and reducing tobacco-related diseases and deaths. Indoor clean air laws protect everyone’s health in a community, and Oregonians strongly support them. We have worked with partners across the state to create a fact sheet for those who need it and are looking for talking points when working with policy makers to support clean indoor air.

You can find the fact sheet on our website at https://www.upstreampublichealth.com/clean-air. Help us protect the health of our workforce by keeping strong clean indoor air laws in Oregon!

Robert Hutson